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Product By Abed Putra

About this system?

This is an application for employee attendance. Track your employee online and save your employees data to your database (MYSQL).

This application working with a system called Employee attendance with QR (Android App). Attendance login system based on Codeigniter.

Your employee will attend with scan the QR code.


  • Add user
  • Delete user
  • Ban, Unban user
  • Register new user sent to email token
  • Forget password
  • Role user level
  • Edit user profile
  • Gravatar user profile
  • Recaptcha by Google
  • List employees attendance
  • Export employee attendance to CSV or XLS
  • Check your employee attendance late or on time every day
  • Review your employee attendance for 1 week, 1 month, 1 Year, etc
  • Generate QR for your employee name

User Level

  • Admin -> is_admin
  • Author -> is_author
  • Employee -> is_employee
  • Sucscriber -> is_subscriber


System Management



This application is suitable for?

-Universities, attendance of students
-The company, for employee attendance
-Or else, to check attendance


Where I can get the source code?

Please visit this Link